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System Safety Technical Excellence Program (STEP)

  • Developing discipline-based training curricula

  • Identifying key on-the-job training experiences for System Safety professionals

  • Developing equivalency criteria, testing/boarding methods, and standardized Safety qualifications for each of the System Safety technical disciplines

  • Deploying state-of-the art technologies


Audits and Assessments Office (AAO) 

The GESI’s Audits and Assessments Office (AAO) audits each Industry System Safety Center and Component Facility at least once a year, with follow-up audits scheduled as necessary.

AAO performs three types of safety audits as well as a variety of technical assessments. The three primary audit types are:

  1. Institutional/Facility/Operational (IFO) Safety Audits

  2. Quality Audit, Assessment, and Reviews (QAAR)

  3. Requirements flow-down and System Safety Engineering Design Audits and Assessments


Mishap Investigation Support

The GESI's Mishap Investigation Support Office promotes the highest levels of safety and reliability by:

  • Facilitating the mishap investigation process

  • Providing mishap data management and quality assurance

  • Analyzing mishap data for trending and risk assessment

  • Communicating mishap-related data to GESI to ensure understanding and prevent mishap recurrence


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