Global Energy Safety Institute

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Provide world class support to mishap prevention by:

  • Establishing a learning environment
    • Benchmarking from the best and bringing their best practices into our workplace
    • Learning from our mishaps
  • Ensure prudent and informed risk taking
  • Manage routine risks in the work place more effectively
  • Optimize resources for an economically sound execution of the GESI mission
  • Development and graceful introduction of new technologies


Provide services to the Offshore Energy Community, Government, and personnel fostering mission success by providing:

  • Technical excellence
  • Knowledge capture and dissemination
  • Coordinated audits and assessments
  • Mishap investigation support
  • New technology development

Technical Excellence

The Technical Excellence Office fosters world-class system safety through two closely-related avenues of support:

Developing and maintaining the System Safety Technical Excellence Program (STEP):

  • Developing discipline-based training curricula
  • Identifying key on-the-job training experiences for System Safety professionals
  • Developing equivalency criteria, testing/boarding methods, and standardized Safety qualifications for each of the System Safety technical disciplines
  • Deploying State of the art technologies
  • The Technical Excellence Office fosters world-class System Safety through two closely-related avenues of support:

    Supporting and advancing the System Safety technical disciplines:

GESI works to improve the state of the discipline for six specific disciplines:

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Operational Safety
  3. Quality Engineering
  4. Reliability and Maintainability
  5. Software Assurance
  6. System Safety

The GESI’s Audits and Assessments Office (AAO) audits each Industry System Safety Center and Component Facility at least once a year, with follow-up audits scheduled as necessary.

AAO performs three types of safety audits as well as a variety of technical assessments. The three primary audit types are:

  1. Institutional/Facility/Operational (IFO) Safety Audits
  2. Quality Audit, Assessment, and Reviews (QAAR)
  3. Requirements flow-down and System Safety Engineering Design Audits and Assessments

Mishap Investigation Support

The GESI's Mishap Investigation Support Office promotes the highest levels of safety and reliability by:

  • Facilitating the mishap investigation process
  • Providing mishap data management and quality assurance
  • Analyzing mishap data for trending and risk assessment
  • Communicating mishap-related data to GESI to ensure understanding and prevent mishap recurrence

Global Energy Safety Institute

Business Headquarters:

2800 East Broadway C-710
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Tel: (713)-650-8004

Classroom Location: 

HCC Southeast College
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